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fuel cap


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Hi looking for some help, I have taken the fuel filler of my 2005 1200rt and want to take the cap of the ring to paint it,dose the pin just drift out or dose it need some heat?

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Morning smithy



The cap is not serviceable separately from the ring so BMW doesn't have a service procedure to remove that pin.


By looking at the cap/ring assembly that I have the pin is just pressed in the two ring ears & loosely through the cap ear.


The problem is: like most similar pivot pins one end is probably serrated or fluted so the pin stays in place & doesn't walk out.


Your problem is in trying to figure out which direction the pin will drift out.


You might have to try in both directions to see if it will start to move in one direction. A little heat on the ears wouldn't hurt but my guess is that pin is just pressed in cold at original assembly. Caution: don't use so much force as to bend or break one of the ring ears.

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