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Starter rehab


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Help! What's the next step here? I'm trying to get to the planetary gear cover and the armature. Does the black cover (shown under the snap ring) just pry off?


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OK, I finally get it. The shaft has to go down not up. That's why you have to remove the top bushing and retaining ring. Then you pry the gear track off the field magnet housing (see Euromotoelectrics part pictures). Looks like a couple of rivets (or something like rivets) hold the gear track on.


Thanks for the references. I hadn't seen the adventure rider Hall of Wisdom one before.


Onward. I have nothing to loose but $120 for a new starter! And I may find a cause for excess battery draw during starting.

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Made some progress today. Found the planetary gear cover was lying loose on top of the armature. The tabs that are supposed to hold it in seem quite worn. Odd there is no evidence of arcing. Maybe I knocked it loose when I tapped on the upper bearing.


I resized these pictures but photobucket doesn't seem to have actually done it. Sorry if they're too big.


So...if I replace the planetary gear cover ($3.99 + $5 handling at Euromoto) will it likely stay in place or is the gear container too worn?


Also: how do you get the armature out? It seems to be held securely by the bearing at its base.






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Try bending the outer tabs first, it should stay in nicely after that. Clean the old grease and add some fresh grease, I use something with MoS2 - molybdenum Di-sulphide.


For removing the rotor, there is a c-clip on the brushes side, you need to work it from that end. It will be a little hard to put it back on, with the brushes, but after you will dismantle it, it will all make sense. Also, be very careful on how you remove the springs from over the brushes, if you drop one of the springs end in there, it will crack the plastic fixture...



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Dan - thanks for that. I looked more closely and found a broken brush carrier that was making it impossible to re-assemble. Have a new one on order.

Figured out the rotor clip. Tiny clip. Would probably never find it if it sprung loose.

Field magnets and rotor looked normal. There may have been nothing wrong with this starter. Considered rightly, it was an interesting journey. :D

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Thank you, Sam. Great pictures & great story. Those guys in India really know what they're doing. It took me a while to realize just tapping the pictures moved me onward :P

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Got some parts in the mail today.



New brushes. The extra length really helped during installation.



New brush springs. A little extra curve on the ends helped. New one on the left.



Got the rear end put together today. Front end tomorrow.

I spent about $50 on parts. That's about half the cost of a new starter. I've learned a lot. Had some fun :) It's not over yet.


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th_adec63bc-ed68-409c-a9f2-f09627149bef.jpg Currently working on the rivets. If I had taken advice and pried the gear track off the field magnet housing (see here for pictures of these parts) maybe I could have re-used the old rivets. But I didn't. :(


Local search turned up solid rivets but no tubular ones. But for $0.10 each I'll take a chance. Just need to flatten them so the gear track can meet the nose cone flately (is that a word?).


Not sure what the purpose of these rivets is since the parts are located to each other already with pins and the nose cone bolts hold everything together but for once I'll be cautious and try to replace the rivets I took out. :)

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Rivets today.

th_1C3A9580-DEF5-441F-9023-4C05B7FBC436.jpg th_A1CC5B67-9997-4190-A328-E74F6CC6390B.jpg

I think their purpose is to hold everything together when the nose cone is off for maintenance. They were 1/4" long - about 1/16" greater than the thickness of the plates they hold. Set with a center punch.

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Installed starter yesterday.

Noticed ring terminal on battery connection to solenoid was covered with green copper oxide. Scraped & sanded connector.

Bike started with one crank (er-vroom). Before it took 3-4 slow cranks to start.

Looking for corroded terminals would have been a good first step.

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