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Fort Collins to Red Lodge


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As the title says, leaving Fort Collins on Saturday June 7/23.

Have three days Sat, Sun & Mon to ride to Red Lodge.


Will be riding the East side of Yellowstone at Rally and coming back home. Ideally I would like to head out of Fort Collins, Ride West go up the west side of Yellowstone and come into Red Lodge from the NW.


Any road suggestion along that route would be very much appreciated.


Riding RT's NOT GS, so nice paved roads is the goal.

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I know you weren't asking and I'm not familiar with RT 150 on map2 (i'm sure you are) but, I could suggest 191 a little further to the east through Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. It was spectacular! :thumbsup: BTW, Hi! :wave:










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Frackin Google! Map2 showed Kamas UT to Evanston WY when I posted it yesterday on UT and WY 150.


So 150 is the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway which takes you up to nearly 11,000' with some great views and a few twisties.


Let me check both maps to see if Google has pulled any more hijinks overnight.

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I don't see any other problems with the two maps. Phew!


There are many alternates and options. 191 is a decent alternative to 530 which I showed. They are both good. Both go through the Flaming Gorge NRA.





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Thank you for the suggestions.

I have taken a few roads from each proposal.

right now I am thinking


fort Collins > 14 > 40 > 318 > 191 > 189 >212 > Red Creek Resort

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