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Mystery plug!


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I wrote before about the "choke cable mystery." Now I'm back with an even more exciting mystery plug! Anyone know what this goes to? It is bundled with the electric plug that goes to the solenoid valve off the charcoal canister. I'm about ready to put the tank back on, but want to figure this out first. Help is appreciated! Here's a picture:


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Evening Brycelyoung


The picture is kind of blurry but that connector no doubt goes to the "CO potentiometer"


The CO potentiometer is only used on non catalytic converter bikes. The U.S. bikes came

in with cat converters & o2 sensors so that connector is not used on U.S. 1100 bikes.

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Thank you DR! I've been wondering about that plug ever since I did the transmission work. I concluded from the grainy service manual pictures that the plug went nowhere, but that's all I had to go on. Nice to finally know what it's for. :grin:

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Aren't digital cameras wonderful? I took photos before, during, and after a clutch replacement, and when I was done, that connector was sitting there, with nothing to plug into it, I started freaking out.


DR's response from 4 years ago:


That type of connector is a basic SENSOR connector & seldom if ever used on things other than Fueling Control or Motronic inputs.


That connecter you show is for the Co Pot (used on non 02 sensor/non cat converter equipped) 1100's.


On 1100's built with no 02 sensor, the correct (or lack of) CCP, & hopefully no cat to poison that connecter is plugged into a Co. Potentiometer that allows idle & just off-idle fueling mixture to be adjusted to control the idle Co. output.

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