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R1100 / R1150 Spark Plug Wrench

Jim Moore

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HI guys,


My new-to-me 94 R1100RS didn't come with a tool kit. I don't have a spark plug wrench that will reach into the hole. The BMW product is p/n 71 11 2 316 193. Is there a simple auto parts store socket I could use instead? I remember reading about a guy who got a socket stuck in the hole, so I'm a little leery of using anything but the BMW tool, but I'm open to suggestions.



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Hey, new / related question. I have always taken the plugs out when I do a valve check. Can I do it with the plugs installed. Will the engine turn relatively freely?

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You can just take a normal spark plug socket or deep socket and grind the outside wall down until it fits through the hole in the valve cover (I forget what size it is right now). It doesn't take much grinding to size it and the socket will still be plenty strong to do the job. Works for me.



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That's a very narrow access to the spark plug. The BMW tool is available but they are asking quite a lot for it - $18.49


Somebody may know a brand of socket that fits. It requires a narrow wall socket, or if you have access to a lathe, get a socket turned down on the outside so it fits.


I'd suggest you get the plug wire removal tool - 12 12 2 306 064 ADAPTER.


It's much easier to turn the motor with the plugs out so you aren't fighting the motor compression.

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There are several ebay options available for about 12 bucks plus shipping. I've got the BMW one but may get one of those that has a regular 3/8" drive so you can use a torque wrench. I always get nervous tightening spark plugs since I stripped one out of my '86 Ford Escort P.O.S. years ago.

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Beat me to it.


Harbor Freight had a nice, extra deep 5/8" socket that was perfect for reaching the plugs. Relatively thin wall, and about 5" long...and the price was right. I have one and it's much nicer to use than the one in the toolkit, but...it looks like HF doesn't sell it anymore (looking online).


As mentioned, try Ebay options. In fact THIS ONE looks just the HF one. Similar HF price, but unfortunately you double the cost with shipping (and no 20% coupon ;) ).

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I'm new to the forum and have been lurking for a bit and getting some great info. Thank you.


Can I request that someone who has the spark plug tool/socket from the stock tool kit please measure the length of that tool. I want to make/modify a tool and I worry that experimenting might leave something stuck in there.

I have a 2002 R1150RTP and I think that the tool is the same for the primary plug on the later, dual plug bikes.


That famous Harbor Freight socket it no longer available.

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Thank you SO MUCH GroceryRun. That just saved me some lathe time.

I didn't get a toolkit so I'm making my own which is tun. I got a tubular spark plug wrench on eBay for three dollars and it's exactly 6" long.


For other interested parties... There's a lawn mower spark plug tool from Briggs and Stratton that's 8" long and costs between 3 and 6 dollars. Part number is 19576S. Best deal I found off of eBay. These work nicely as socket handle extensions too.


The boot puller from BMW is 3 dollars and change. A&S sells w/ free shipping and no tax. That stock tool is a little flimsy and I had the exact same one break on me on my VW Passat. Someone on youtube made one out of 1.5" PVC that looked superior as do the fancy milled aluminum ones. Gimme a break on the money though. Make the PVC one for a quarter or use string or wire and spend the 25 on something fun. Billet milled, anodized spark plug boot puller.... How have I survived all this time without one of those... They are pretty though.


Knipex Cobra pliers get my vote for a toolkit too. I don't work for them or with them. I'm just impressed with those.

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I have a no name 5/8" spark plug socket that measures .855 inch OD. Tight in the head but with a spritz of WD40 it works just fine and can be wiggled out w/o the 3/8" extension coming off.

For what its worth, maybe the OD will be useful info.


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I misread GroceryRun's response. The stock tool is 6.75. The cheap one on eBay was only 6" and may have required shortening. So, I just ordered the Briggs and Stratton one. Their part number is 19576S. Six dollars on Amazon.



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A UK firm called Magneto Power manages to jack that 6 buck price for the item up to a healthy-profit-margin level of almost twelve sterling. That's a jack-up of over 125%.

That's approaching the Greedy Berlin Pig margin for spares price mark-ups. But not quite.

I'm in the wrong game.....

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