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Top Box Rack?

Hank R1200RT

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I have the large (49 L) top box on my '13 RT. I am interested in putting a rack on the top box like this Harley-Davidson accessory:




Has anyone on this list made a modification like this before? What was your experience?


I have one particular use in mind for this. I have an aftermarket bike cover which I like to use when flying out of LAX (Free motorcycle parking 🤑). It is a little large for the top box, so I would like a way of carrying it which does not impinge on the other junk ^H^H^H vitally important equipment I carry in the top box. I don't plan on carrying sacks of concrete, just the light but bulky cover, and maybe a sleeping bag if I ever get adventurous.


Thanks in advance for any experiences or alternative suppliers for this. I searched the fora but nothing jumped out at me.


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R L Saddles



Have the black on my GIVI that it is designed for, works great no issues.

They are great folks to work with and can answer questions about using it on the BMW.

Also 1/2 the cost of the HD.

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Tim, thanks for the info. My main concern is the clearance below the rack - could you take a tape to it and measure how much space there is between the case and the tack crossbars? I am away from the bike at present, but IIRC there is a bulge in the center for the backrest, and this might not be high enough.


The price is good, and Givi has a good reputation. At the same time, there seem to be enough used ones on eBay at $50-60. So I am still researching the sizing, installation, et cetera.


Thank you,

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About 6/16ths at the front rail and 12/16ths at the rear rail.


We use it to attach a small bag using bungee w/bulb end or rokstraps.


The small bag often is a Helen 2 wheels mesh that we keep rain gear in for easy access and to keep it away from other items if wet (we also can put them in plastic bags in top case).

Or, a small bag that we put hiking boots in (mine are rather large :grin: )


Don't want too much weight up there.

What are you wanting to carry?

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I mounted the Harley rack on my 49l case. I used the Luggage Base Washer Kit from Rocket Moto Sport to mount the rack. Not sure I would mount a sleeping bag on it, we use it for rain gear as mentioned in a previous post. No issues, looks great, and cost a bunch less than the Wunderlich product. I'd post a picture but I am out of town.

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Thank you, Tallman. The bike cover was my primary goal, maybe a couple of pounds and bulky (it is an aftermarket generic one, not BMW). But you mentioning the Helen2Wheels mesh carrier for wet gear sounds like a great idea too!


I am away from the bike, but hope to use your measurements next week.

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Mike, thank you for the tip on the washer kit. Looks well made from the pictures. I had planned on doing something similar, but the siren song of more chrome is tempting me....


I look forward to seeing any pictures you can share. I am also out of town ATM.



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On another forum, sorry, can't remember which one, there were some comments that the HD rack looked "too heavy," that it was made from heavier tubing than the Wunderlich. They said it looks good on the HD because that was a "heavier looking bike" but that they didn't like it on the BMW.


Of course, this is completely subjective.


I'd take a trip to a local HD dealer and look at one first-hand so that you can judge for yourself. It's hard to judge such things from pix on the net.

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The Rocketman

For future reference, I bought the Wunderlich rack for my '09RT and the new version has the front legs almost vertical as compared to the previous model in which the front legs were very angled. Installation was relatively simple.


Also, here's a link to the luggage rack washer kit I bought from RocketMoto. Very happy with that too.




Pics start here on 11/2/15 and 11/5/15.


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