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Tragedy averted


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I think I may have prevented a major catastrophe.


Working on my '04RT for some winter maintenance. I was replacing the Paralever bearings with new oem BMW.


It appeared (because I wasn't wearing my glasses) that the new bearings were sealed rollers (i.e. no taper), so I assumed they could be pressed in no matter the direction.


Luckily, I found out otherwise.


After installing one of the bearings, the inner collar falls out in my hand and I then see the same tapered needle bearings as found in the old ones.


The problem was....the inner collar fell to the inside, which I assume would be tragic if both bearings were installed that way and then slid off the pin while riding.


So, please make sure and press the new bearings in so the collar can be removed from the outside, as the pins are used to pre-load the bearings.


When I opened the new bearings, the collars were very tight and wouldn't separate from the race, leading me to that wrong conclusion.







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