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BMW HUD Prototype


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If the HUD is integral to the helmet, you will have to replace the electronics every time you replace your helmet. As for the laser lights, Audi introduced a very similar system on their cars some time back. But those systems are not legal here in the States, and at the pace the Department of Transportation moves, I wouldn't hold my breath.


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This sort of tech gets my attention. I really had high hopes for Google's Glass. There's a helmet prototype that gives you a rear view inside your helmet that looks neat. Then I remember that I need reading glasses or my bifocals to focus on anything close enough to touch. I doubt I'll ever be able to focus any display within my helmet. How about holograms projected in front of the windscreen?

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The thing that immediately caught my eye is that the helmet appears to be ginormous. Maybe it's because they've used a petite model, but it may be all the technology that's crammed inside the shell. Personally, I'm more excited about the laser headlight technology that they're demonstrating.



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Guest Kakugo
I thought of Dark Helmet


Does that then mean that with one of these helmets you can ride at Ludicrous Speed?


Buckle this! Ludicrous Speed, NOW!


Sorry, I could not resist it.


Maybe our present and former military members can chime in, but I seem to recall to use similar systems military personnel has to go through a phase of training and accustomization because using them is not as immediate as it seems due to, I think, the brain having to "reprogram" its depth perception.

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