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1st on the 1st


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I have a tradition which I named the 1st on the 1st. My 1st ride of the year is on January 1. So I will be keeping that tradition alive tomorrow and hope you will be able to get a ride in as well.


Happy New Year to everyone

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If you are referring to me, not far. I have to work in the am and my Beemer is kind of put away as I just moved to the Gretna area a couple of weeks ago. I'll be putting around on my Vee Strom looking at land for sale.

Where are u located in NC?


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My girl and I will ride. We may go to Colusa with another group (not BMW), or our own ride to Grass Valley or somewhere prettier than Colusa. :)



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Nice tradition.


I just returned from mine, which is similar - A ride on the 31st to say goodbye to the old year and remember the good stuff, then a ride on the 1st to welcome in all the possibilities. I've done it the last five years I've had the RT.


An added bonus this time is that the remembering included 30 years working in the same place. Tomorrow the possibilities are totally open since retirement began on Monday.


Wishing you all a Happy and SAFE New Year.

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A friend started the Penguin Ride around 20 years ago as a way to brag to his northern friends about our NE-Florida winters. :)

We meet somewhere around Jax, FL and ride to a restaurant for lunch.

Some years it is warm, some years it is cold, rainy and windy. But it is always a good time and a great tradition.

My plans for tomorrow is to meet Highway41(Bill W.) for breakfast around 8 AM at Bagel Love and then catch up with the official Penguin Ride group at 9:30 AM at I-95 and Hwy 200, north of Jax.

They have a route planned to be at the lunch spot in Fernandina Beach around 1 PM.

I have my own route, as I have been getting more reluctant of riding in large groups, but I will meet them for lunch, as things usually move a little slower during lunch. LOL :wave:


Happy New Year!



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Bayou Red, a man after my own heart. Just had a great end of year RTE Thursday, will do a first of year ride Friday, and celebrate my 14th day of retirement after 30+ years (last day was 12/18/2015)! :thumbsup:

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Guest Kakugo

Timezone advantage, but first here. ;)






The iPhone may be a nice phone but the camera is not really anything to write home about... ;)


I hope to be out tomorrow as well.

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I spent most of the morning on a bicycle ride, but got in a short moto ride in the late afternoon with my bro-in-law (HD), his son (HD), son's father-in-law (XT225), and son's uncle-in-law (Yamaha cruiser). Sunny and 55-60 degrees F, so not too rough.

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Yesterday was a busy day so only got a short ride in. A balmy 45 and cloudy.


My son and I have what we call our "training route." Almost everything you need to stay current: From 4-lane to very quiet back roads. Cagers texting to absolutely peaceful live oaks, Spanish moss and cypress knees. Sweepers, twisties and hairpins. New smooth asphalt to crumbly and tar snakes. All can be done in an hour.


Very nice way to start the never ending riding season down here.





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Nice ride on the first thru thru Mullholland, and various canyon roads, along PCH for a while, then back up Decker Canyon rd. After seeing how nice the beach was, I grabbed the wife and kids and went back to the beach for a nice sunset on the sand dune at Mugu. Hey, we pay a lot for this weather, so we ought to enjoy it!









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The BMW Motorcycle Club of Nashville got in our annual Polar Bear Ride to kick off the year. 12 street riders and 4 dual sport riders - 34 degrees when we started, all the way up to 38 when we finished.

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I did get out on Christmas day, quite unusual for here.


Was going to try for New Years Day, but was snowing and snow was sticking on the road.

Did get out on the 2nd.


Drive way was mostly ice.


Was a bit sideways before made it out the driveway.


Had the electric gloves.



Was out for about 2 hours. Without the electric gloves would have been about 10 or 15 minutes.








(will be in San Diego in a few weeks, with the 1150RT. THat should be better.)

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Didn't get a 1st on the 1st, did manage a nice ride Christmas Eve (16 deg C, absolutely incredible for Ottawa), nearly went out Dec 25 but I got 'the look' so I let discretion be the better of valor. Snow hit Dec 26 so my season is done. I have a rule I don't break, frozen road surface or salt = no ride.

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