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Holiday maintenance - advise anyone?


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I am diving into a 48,000 mile maintenance effort over the holiday week. I have a couple of extra jobs and was wondering if anyone had some advise or prior learnings? The two extra jobs are 1) relacing the H7 headlight connectors and 2) replacing the dual microphone switch on the clutch lever. Replacing headlamps is difficult enough, I am afraid my patients may be challenged trying to doing wiring within the little cubby hole... is there a better way? On the clutch switch (my bike only starting while in gear with the clutch pulled intermittently), I believe there is a single screw on the bottom or the clutch level that when removed will allow access to the switch (in which case it is a pretty simple job)... is this correct? Probably should have done the search function first.... but then I couldn't have wished you a late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year!


The bike is a 2007 R1200RT.

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Have never figured out the clutch lever issue myself, someone else can answer that one. But recently I replaced the windshield arms, both sets of upper and lower arms, with some steel ones, as opposed to the pot metal ones. It required taking the windshield off and the mirrors and the inner and outer fairing. It really is an easy job. I replaced the left low beam with the fairing mounts on the bike, never could get the right low beam light replaced, till I took the fairing off. It is not that hard, but does take about 1 1/2hour


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When you loosen the one tiny torx setscrew in the bottom of the lever assembly that holds the clutch switch in, hold your hand or a shoebox under the area as you withdraw the switch.


There is a small metal plate with a nubbie on one side - the nubbie goes into a hole in the switch, and the other side of the plate it what the screw tightens up on.


This WILL fall out as you remove the switch. It WILL roll away to the furthest corner of your garage if you don't corral it beforehand.


You will find yourself gluing it into the hole in the switch on reassembly so this doesn't happen again.


Just a heads up - BTDT, won't do it again.

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Don and Bob... exactly the help I was hoping for. No need to spend extra time searching for the little nubbie! Just finishing up the 48,000... will post back how these jobs go. Happy New Year to all. It is 70F here in SC... too bad it has been raining most of the week. Did get a nice ride in with my son over Christmas and got to try out my new Cardo Scala Rider G9x. No more having to stop and look at my phone for directions (I hope)!

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Successful couple of days doing maintenance! I completed the 48,000 mile work without any surprises, and most of the two extra jobs. The clutch switch was a bugger.... maybe it was the end of the day or working from under the lever, but what I thought would be an easy job was a little challenging. In my case the "nubbie" mentioned by Don was part of the cast clutch housing, so not a problem with dropping... but aligning the little switch and getting the screw (a small, fine threaded machine screw) lined up just about did me in.... I finally got it done, but I suspect it may have stripped the machine screw because it took way more force than it should have. But it is done and seems to work just fine. I only replaced one of the two headlamp H7 connectors because I could only find one 90 degree connector (tried Napa, Autozone, Advanced, and Reiley). It was more straight forward than I expected. I ended up twisting the wires and covering with shrink wrap.


One reason I like the BMW boxers is you can work on them your self. I will also recommend the Jim Baden videos (JVB Production).... they are great!


Happy New Year everyone.... Peace, happiness and good health to all! And may we all have some awesome rides this year!



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I used ceramic connectors on my low beams. One of the originals crumbled when I replaced a bulb some time ago and when a bulb went again, I figured it was time. Mine had connectors at both ends:




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