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Boot Replacement


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Was washing the bike yesterday and noticed the boot between the drive shaft cover and final drive was caved in. Popped it out to see a hole in the boot. Anyone ever replace one of these? How big of a job is it?








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It could be as easy as removing the torque arm and loosening the pivot bolt. If you can get enough clearance to separate the driveshaft. But I have never been in one of these.


Maybe just the light, but it sure looks like silver paint overspray in a couple places?

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Finally took the bike over to Pensacola and had them fix this issue and my sticking Menu/Menu Favorite button under warranty. Will make the trip back over on Friday and ride it home. They were also supposed to upload any firmware updates. I'm hoping to have smoother shifting from 1st to 2nd but not holding my breath. I'll just be glad to have the bike back. The ride to and from work makes up for everything in between.

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