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Wet horn 98R1100RTP

Mark C

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Washed bike in driveway and brought it in garage to wipe down. While I was , the horns started a low emission vibration, with key on or off. When I pushed horn button, normal loud horn, buzzing stopped for a minute and started again.


Pulled the handlebar switch open to fiddle with it, tried to dry it out, tried to dry horn itself, nothing worked.

Now I have no horn!

Checked fuses, ok, checked relays, can't be sure which one it is, but swapped them all around with another set I had.

While I had switch apart I heard a snap, tried to remove and replaced spring, no difference.

It appears to me that the horn switch grounds to blow sound.

There is a brown and yellow that looks like the switch connects to brown, but grounding it doesn't work either?

Hotwired a second horn for now, til I figure this out.


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Morning Mark


Being an RT-P about anything is possible as there is a chance that something (police related) was wired into that the horn circuit.


But assuming a normal 1100RT or RT-P then the (partial apply) horn power is usually the relay acting up or the horn switch acting up.


Again, assuming a normal (unmodified) horn circuit without an anti-theft system tied into the horn then --


The 12v power for horn operation flows from the battery (+), to load relief relay, to & through fuse #4, to horn relay, then to the horns themselves.


The handlebar horn switch gets it's B+ power from the same circuit up to & through fuse #4, then from there it splits & one leg goes to power the horn through the horn relay & the other leg goes on to power the horn relay PULL-IN coil (inside the horn relay)


When you push the horn button it does ground the low side of the horn relay pull-in-coil to initiate the horn relay.


The quick way to diagnose your problem is to remove the horn relay & see IF your buzzing goes away. If so then your issue is probably either the horn relay or the horn switch.


If removing the horn relay has no effect on the buzzing then try removing fuse #4.


If the buzzing then continues you probably have something else connected to the horn circuit (like anti-theft device or something police related).


If you have a 12v test light then remove the horn relay & find cavity 1 (terminal 87 on the relay itself) then clip the test light clip to the battery (+) post & probe the horn relay #1 cavity. The test light should be COMPLETELY off until you push the horn button, then 12v test light should light brightly.


If the 12v test light glows slightly BRFORE you push the handlebar switch then you have a current leak in the switch itself or a problem (short) in the handlebar wiring pig tail.


If the handlebar switch passes the above test then your problem is probably in the horn relay or due to something else (non defined) wired into the horn circuit.




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