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Push rod end cap


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Has anyone had any experience of a push rod with a loose end cap?

If so, what were the symptoms?

Replacement easy?


Yes, some of the early push rods were noted for failing & separating or telescoping. Symptoms very but it usually starts out with noisy valve action & progresses to a telescoped push rod & severe loss of valve lash setting.


I have also seen a few elephants feet fail & cause valve noise & erratic valve action.



Define easy?-- It isn't rocket science but you have to disassemble far enough to get the failed push rod out.


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Interesting BMW went to solid pushrods sometime after my '03 was made. MaxBMW fiche lists only solid one as a replacement for my bike.


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Andy - have you seen the discussion on BMWMOA? Similar question.

The good news is you don't have to take the head(s) off. Do you have a torque wrench?


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DR, can you define "early"?


Morning Sam


No I really can't. I thought I had a service bulletin on the push rod change/failure but can't seem to find it (or my memory is failing)


The 1200 (hexhead) definitely has the steel push rods. Even with the earlier 1100/1150 aluminum-bodies-with-steel-end-caps the push rods seldom failed.


Here is a picture of the aluminum body push rod to compare to Lee's picture of the 1200 hexhead (1150 service) push rod posted above.



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Thanks...speaking of failing memories, this rings a bell somewhere in my hollow head...I think there was a Chris Harris video on the subject.

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