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Saturday Departure?


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I think I finally have my wife onboard to fly to Billings and then rent a car to drive to the event. Since she is flying, I was considering either staying an extra day at the lodge, room availability being a factor, or riding with her back to Billings Friday and staying a night up there.


Anyone else leaving Saturday/Sunday?

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It's been so long since I booked the rooms I'm probably going to have to call the lodge to find out...pretty sure it was four nights, but I can't remember when we plan to arrive :)

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The "official" UnRally dates are Monday through Friday. Which is a 4 night stay. Which is fine if I were showing up solo. But now that my wife is about 90% sure she can attend and will be flying in I would like to think about an extra day, mainly for her to see more.


If most everyone figures to bust a move early Friday morning to start home, that is what I need to know? In that case we will probably go to Billings for Friday night, both of us heading to Houston from there on Saturday.

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For what it's worth, I've arranged my arrival for Sunday, with a Friday departure. I suspect most will leave on Friday, but don't take my word for that. :grin:

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We're coming from Portland, but we might be riding up to Olympia or even Issaquah first. I'm supposed to be at a conference here in town until just before the Un, but I might skip it :)



(Which is to say, we won't know when we're leaving or what route we're taking for some time...)



edit: you might have better luck starting a new thread asking your question.

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Gordiet, I will be leaving from Lopez Island heading over 20 so we should be on the same path.


That's the same way I'm going to head. Let's stay in touch and see how things work out.



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