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Headlight adjuster knob


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Hi all, I did a search for this but only headlights came up so I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered.


I noticed the other night that when i tried to adjust my headlight up on my R1200rt that the knob spun and spun but nothing happened.


Since I just purchased my Rt, its a 2012 so I'm the 2nd owner and this is my first time doing this, i suspect its broken.


Is there a cheap fix for this or is it possible something has come undone thats a known issue?




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Morning Moonie


It could be a number of things including something broken in the headlight adjuster mechanism itself.


Probably the place to start is to make sure the knob screw is there & tight. Then verify the cable barrel is properly hooked up to the light adjuster. (see picture)


If nothing found then you will have to dig deeper to check the light adjuster itself.






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There are several threads about the camhead headlight adjustment. There is the plastic dash knob adjuster and there is the cable adjuster where the cable attaches to the headlight assembly. Many camhead owners (including myself) couldn't get the headlight to go "down" enough with the dash knob and need to adjust the cable adjustment so there is more adjustment with the knob. They came from the factory that way. It's a pain to get to, but can be down without taking anything apart.

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