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I need a new final drive!


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So I went to check the fluid on a used bike I just bought (R1200RTP; 2007) and found a big surprise. It was totally empty and metal shavings were on the plug. I filled the rear again and felt binding when I turned it so I drained again and metal was everywhere.


So....does anyone have the bead on a good used? Plz PM


BTW. I bought the bike from Hollywood cycle boy was that a mistake

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eBay is my turn-to place for all spare parts before I look elsewhere. It gives me a sense of the current market value before I plunk down my hard earned cash to a dealer. I have found some genuine bargains that save me plenty on repairs.

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Where in Central Cali?

I see you got one, but you may need other bits. There is a shop in Fresno that has 6-8 1150 and 1200 RT-P's on pallets he is parting out.

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