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January SECFF Lunch


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Health issue turned out to not be as serious as thought. Should be able to make it after missing the last 3. Getting old isn't easy in case any of you wondered.


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Thanks guys. Balance is back so will take a short ride for coffee today. Looking forward to seeing all of you next time. Sav. Captain, you are so right.

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I work in accounting, and that weekend will most likely be filled with end of year work, or with setting up new year information. But I never know until it happens. Will be there if I can.

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Well, looks like this tread needs a little BUMP.

Only 9 more days an if the weather doesn't go nuts, we should have a good turn out. I had a great response from some of our Facebook friends. :thumbsup:


Happy New Year and safe riding next Year! :wave:

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I hope the temps stay above freezing...it's been so warm for December, but I have a feeling it's going to feel polar very soon.


Happy New Year

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Savannah Capt. and I met up this morning for a cup of coffee at Maebob's Diner. The staff was very friendly, based on my riding gear one of them mentioned a group was coming for lunch next Saturday and they were looking forward to it. The parking lot was full but they had plenty of space inside for us.


If you want to see the bikes from the dining room you will need to park across the street, they will be in view there but not in the diner lot.


Across the street:






Looking west:




Looking east:




Parking lot coordinates:




Anyone coming from the southwest through Jeffersonville and north on 18 may turn right on Asbury Church Road, about 6.7 miles out of Jeffersonville, it will take you into town and has a curve or two.





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Bike is fifthly from last Saturday. Don't know if I should wash it or wait until after next Saturday. Need a GS so I wouldn't care.

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Weather did a 180 on me. I will see what is says tomorrow.

Oh well, that is one thing we can't control.

Hoping for the best. Be safe.

Maybe you can make Cedar Key at the end of the month.

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Bernie, since I don't need anymore practice riding in rain I'm going to pass. Can't believe I've missed every lunch this year. I will be in Cedar Key regardless of the wx. See you there.

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Another good lunch with great people. Some new faces thanks to Hutch, really good meeting and riding with them.
























Looking forward to February.





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Thank you all for showing up and braving the FL/GA winter weather.

And the long distance award went to Chris Lawnchairboy all the way from VA. Wow.


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Bernie, Terry, Ken

Thanks for opening up to my friends. They had a great time and would like to come again.


T - thanks for taking all the pics.



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