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They will take anything !!!


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I can't believe there is a black market for used, weathered lawn

statues but there must be.

Went out the front door yesterday AM and noticed our 3' tall

concrete statue of an owl sitting on a tree branch was missing!!

This thing weighs 70 lbs. Neighbor lost 2 concrete yard geese that you see all the time. What do people do with this stuff??

Made the usual Police reports but have no hope of recovery.

Same day at 5am jogger saw a "big ol gal" merrily taking Christmas decs off front porches and yards and loading into her car. The fact that the person was seen didn't bother her at all. Plate number was given to Police.

Tis the season I guess.

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My friend had the opposite problem a few years ago.


Someone was painting gnomes and then leaving them in his garden. He got really upset about it because he looked a bit like one. one of them was one with a fishing rod It was really well done, he got really upset when I asked him to sell it to me.....


There were 20 of them altogether before it stopped when his wife left him for another guy.....




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