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New speedometer


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I found a brand new police speedo for my '03 R1150RT. My state doesn't require legal documents or notices on the bike if the vehicle is over 10 yrs old. So changing the new speedo to read the mileage of the old one is not required. But will I regret it if I don't? Anybody done this? Is it correct to assume I shouldn't try to reset the new speedo myself?

Thanks for your insight.

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Afternoon Lee


Actually re-setting it means prying the ring & lens off & that is not easy to do without leaving damage. (so I wouldn't suggest this on a new speedo unit)


You can rig up a drive motor & drive cable & run it at about 100 mph for hours on end to get it up to the current mileage. (if you do this don't drive it too fast as that can bounce the needle loose)






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So if you could drive it at 100 mi/hr, how long would it take to reach 115,000 miles? Unless I've made a mistake here:

115,000 mi / 100 mi/hr = 1,150 hr

1,150 hrs / 24 hrs/day = 47.9 days

Somebody please check my math :(

Thanks for your input, D.R.

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Not sure I understand the concern. Are you concerned about what to do when selling the bike? Otherwise, who cares other than you, and you already know the story.... Just keep riding...

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So if you could drive it at 100 mi/hr, how long would it take to reach 115,000 miles?


Morning Lee


I didn't realize it had 115K on it.


That would take a while wouldn't it?


At 115K then low mileage high dollar resale isn't an issue, & you seem to be violating no laws, so if you are just after bragging rights then just run it up to 15K then add 100K to the total shown.


Most of my older bike's odo's don't even read past (99,999.9) .


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Lee, I simply took photos of the (removed) original next to the (soon-to-be-installed) replacement, with my smiling face in the BG, and put it in the file.


I figure that's good enough Karma for a 14-year-old-bike.

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In with the new - (click to enlarge)



Question: two things (shoulder washers?) fell out of the nose fairing, which was dropped down to give me more room to work. Does anybody know where they go? I included a fairing screw for size reference.

th_D300AA83-83C7-46C1-92AA-DFF830936A5B_zpsvjvsgyec.jpg th_9736C2B1-6D07-4F70-B9AF-72DCADF5CF28_zpsv3pmkl4m.jpg

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Well the 2 top hat shapes washers are meant to go into 2 rubber bushes mounted on the subframe which mounts the nose fairing.

The nose fairing has 2 'dowels' or posts that should slide into these metal top hats for anti vibration purposes. The problem is that these often slide out and get lost and when refitting you don't even realise they are missing because the 'dowels' will still locate (loosely) into the rubber bushings of the subframe.


The screw and washer look like standard fairing screws (M5 screw with black plastic washer). Could be maybe one missing from the glove box mounting (there are 4. One comes in from the front and screws through the glove box into the nose of the petrol tank, the second is at the front of the glove box and secures the speedo cable drive clip to the glove box. The 3rd is at the back of the glove box and secures it to the side of the tank. The fourth s also on the side of the glove box into the tank but it also secures the air intake snorkel).

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Roger - thanks for the reply. Good guess but all windshield washers are accounted for. Unknown washers are metal & magnetic.



Andy - thanks for thinking about this with me. The unknown washers are smaller than the two that locate the nose fairing.


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