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Charging RT battery


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It's an 11 model bike with 60k miles & original battery.


Never had any battery problems, but now getting weak for



Have a gel cell charger. Plugged it into the power socket

on the left fairing below the radio controls.


It continues to blink red / charging even if I leave it

plugged in for a couple days.


I have an 04 also and the green / maintaining light comes on

after just a short time.


Am I plugging the charger into the right place?

I suspect the battery has finally bit the big one.

Am I right?



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Am I plugging the charger into the right place?


Afternoon macx


That depends on a couple of things--


Is your gel cell charger compatable for a CanBus Era bike?


If your charger isn't for a CanBus era bike then your power socket needs to be wired battery direct with it's own fuse.


You might try hooking your charger to the battery posts directly & if it then works properly you have your answer on the compatibility of your charger to your bike's power socket.

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