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New (to me) 2008 R1200RT


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Thanks for letting me join this group. I just picked up my new (to me) Biarritz Blue 2008 R1200RT yesterday in Orange County, CA (22,600 miles on the odometer) and promptly rode her home to Phoenix, AZ. I am the bike's 3d owner now. The bike performed great on the road trip home, but I almost froze my tail off despite long-johns, heated grips, and heated seat. I am still devouring the M/C FAQ and various posts, so I apologize in advance if I ask something only a newbie would ask. :)


Harold Jones

Phoenix, AZ

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Second attempt at sharing photographs; obviously my first attempt failed. I made a Flikr account, but still not getting it despite the great instructions. Maybe my eyes are too tired, but I am not seeing the BB code option in Flickr.








I will play with this again tomorrow night...I am sure it is way easier than what I am making it.


Anyway, thank for the warm welcome.


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Images are coming thru, Harold, all it takes is a click on our part - good looking bike. Love that electronic cruise!


Have you discovered that "Preview Post" is a useful tool?

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The "Share" box looks a little different than in the tutorial. It's similar though--here's what it looks like today. Note that I've clicked on the BBCode option so it's highlighted in blue in this picture.


23151162860_2fc4dbf24b_c.jpgFlickrShareBBCode_00 by mnTwin, on Flickr


Once highlighted, I just copied (Ctrl-C) the link and pasted (Ctrl-V) that link directly into this post.

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DAMN! Where are all the blue bikes coming from. None around when I was lookin. Beauty! Nice ride home too, gave you a chance to get a little use to it.


Enjoy the ride!

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I think I have it now. I am new to Flikr too. I just figured out that the photographs have to be saved in a Flikr "album" in order for the BB code option to come up. I had them on my Flikr camera roll, but that way does not show the BB code option. Thanks for showing me how to do that.


Here is a picture of the cockpit...just practicing my new skill.


23069560029_db01e50b3a_z.jpgCockpit_2008_BMW_R1200RT by Harold Jones, on Flickr


I'm really enjoying this bike; night and day from my 2004 H-D Sportster 1200 XLC. My wife and I rented H-D Electra Glides twice over the summer for 2-3 day trips, just to get a feel for 2-up and multi-day touring. Nothing wrong with those bikes, but I recognize that I do not want to muscle that much weight around at parking lot speeds as I get older. Did I mention how much I am loving my R1200RT? :)


Thanks again for the warm welcome and patience for the newbie.


-Harold Jones

Phoenix, AZ

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Beautiful Bike. Love the color. Welcome to the world of the r1200rt. I have an '05 and absolutely love it. It has 66K on it now. I bought mine with 12K. It only gets better over time. Smooth, quick, nimble, comfortable. Enjoy your new ride and keep riding it. Learn how to work on it, and you will really get to know it well..


The best bike I have ever owned. I bet you will say the same after a while.


Just something about them.

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