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ABS pump went bad


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Just wanted to let you know that when the ABS pump went bad, a price of over $2,000 was quoted by BMW. I found the guy out west (of NJ) who rebuilds them. Took the bike to Eckenhoff's in Cherry Hill NJ and they did the work, sent out the pump to the rebuilder, returned it and re-assembled. It was just over $1,000 total.

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Module Masters in Moscow Idaho rebuilds them for $250 and gives a 5 year warranty. They did mine on my 2008 RT 1.5 years ago and all is still working great.


It was not the easiest thing to remove and replace, but with a little patience it worked out fine. They keep your module for 7 days.





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Yes, that is who did it. The rest of the cost is labor. PD won't do it themselves for liability reasons. Still not crazy bad, about $700 labor.

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