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Aerostich customer service cudos!


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A while back I sent my Roadcrafter in and paid a fair amount to have the Velcro replaced along the main zipping area of the suit. When I got it back, the velcro was smaller and placed differently than it was when originally manufactured. I thought maybe this was a change that was made based on manufacturing methods. I rationalized this as "They know what they are doing" and left it at that.


Fast forward to the fall event (FART) in Asheville, NC and the large amount of rain we had. My newly velcro'd suit leaked like a WW1 German U boat. I hadn't ridden that much in the rain since I got the suit back almost a year ago so I didn't have that kind of experience until then. So, I give Aerostich a call and they say "No problem, we will email you a label for your FEDEX box and we will get that fixed for you. We will change the Velcro to run down the entire length near the area it is leaking".




Happy customer so far.... I will update y'all as this progresses.



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