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Freezing this morning, 2 issues, ABS and grips?


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The temp was about 33-35f this morning at 6:20. The coldest Ive ridden my '94 RS. First, the ABS lights would not go out. Leaving today, around 50F, they still would not reset. I come to light that is my nemesis, a 5 minute'r that I shut the bike off to wait from my green. Upon startup, the ABS resets!! Yahoo!!!

Item 2. The grips did not heat up, or maybe they did, but I couldnt feel it. Do they radiate a lot of heat? I mean, there should be no doubt I feel it? If so, I am going to have to trace why they dont work. Im hoping its just a fuse or something, but I want to fix it because it bugs me knowing there is an issue.


Take care, be safe! :)

LM in KY

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Likely you need a new battery. At the very least, use a Battery Tender type device to keep the battery full and warm.

At that temp, depending on the quality of glove you have, you may not feel the grips. Low post count. Is the bike new to you ?

There are two heat posistions for the grips.


Try them when it's not freezing out.


Not positive, but I think the factory hand guards from the R1100GS will fit the RS with little issues . You will need them.

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FWIW. I've had the elements on both of my heated grips fail/break. This may or may not be the issue with you. You may want to check the continuity of the wires in your grips.

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You can test the grips in your garage. Just turn the ignition to On, put the setting to high and hold on to the grip. You'll notice the heat, trust me. If not, then it's broke.

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Well stated Kalali. Working grips will get hot in 2-3 minutes. You'll know they're working. My case was one grip hot, one grip not. If both are cold, good chance the problem is further upstream.

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Thanks very much for replies. Thats what I wanted to know. I think the battery is on its last volts. It works, but the bike labors to start.

Thanks again!


Lm in KY

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Remove and clean and lubricate the starter while you are at it. It is not a difficult job and the rewards are worth it. Low battery will screw with your ABS alarms and zero your clock display. If the starter is still sluggish after the service described above, definitely get a new battery. I have found that you can get a sealed, maintenance free, AGM universal battery (18AH) of the correct dimensions at Battery Mart for less than $40.00 when you get your core charge returned. At those prices you could afford a new one every year if you need one, instead of investing lots of money in one of the expensive ones... The cross reference number for the battery type is 51913.


Just my $0.02

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