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New Bike a Honda 700 X


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Due to severe injury from an unattentive driver I had to give up my 1150 RT and get a lighter bike. I opted for a Honda 700 X DCT when I handled it. It really is very much easier to Pick up off the ground than all of the bikes I tested, even bikes that were lighter overall. I just got back from a 5100 mile trip to the west coast on it and believe I have a handle on the bike compared to the RT. Comfort RT wins, Speed RT wins, Reliability don't know, Ease of picking up Honda, Dirt roads Honda wins, Off road Honda wins, Mileage Honda wins big, Ease of refueling RT wins, Carrying stuff RT wins, Noise Honda wins, Dicey situations Honda wins. So am I happy? Yes overall I am with the Honda. It goes fast enough and stops good enough for me and with a MPG of around 63 it goes long enough between stops for me. Dislikes? the gas cap under the rear seat is a pain in the butt to access when the bike is loaded for touring. I will be changing that. The lack of a wind shield is not good. The tiny one on the bike is pretty much useless. The seat height is a little tall also but easier to get on and off than the RT. I do admit to a little jealousy about the BMW. It was a beautiful bike and I miss it. However the main thing is I can pick up the Honda by myself out in the "woods" and I am still riding.

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interesting, I had looked at the Honda 700, and as near as I can tell, the wet weight of the Honda 700 was within 10lbs of the wet weight of a R1200GS. Maybe I missed read something somewhere. I had been looking for a wet weight ready to ride commuter bike in the 465 lbs range. I really thought the Honda 700 (and it's 65 mpg capability) sounded good. But when I checked the specs, I just did not see a wet weight under 500 lbs. Very nice bike I will have to check the specifications again, and see what the wet weight (no bags) is.

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Remember this? :)

From this:




To this:




Sold the R1200GS to friend Scott Keimig (LuckyLeaf). Bought this '09 Yamaha Majesty, "used", with 160 miles. I tested them before, I know it will do what I want.

The biggest change is that after 40 uninterrupted years I won't have a BMW bike. Lots of wonderful memories - but I always look more to the future then the past, and the future looks good.

Sometimes even legendary motorcycle men do what it takes to keep the wind in their face. :thumbsup: RIP Paul. (RIP through the next curve, Paul) ;)


Not only that, Hondas are cool! :clap:





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...The lack of a wind shield is not good. The tiny one on the bike is pretty much useless...


I had windshield issues when doing the build on my small sport touring Kawasaki. The bike came with an original and two aftermarket windshields as part of the purchase. I wasn't satisfied with any of those so I bought a fourth aftermarket model. The fourth one was the best of the lot after I modified the mounting hardware, but still not good enough. After years on an R1100RT and then an FJR I was spoiled from a wind management stand point.


I decided to go a completely different direction. I purchased a reverse-flip windshield from Cee Bailey designed for a Can-Am Spyder. That shield gave me the basic size and shape I thought would work. I'd had a Cee Bailey reverse flip on my FJR, and it transformed the bike. I figured that feature would help make a nice pocket of clean air on the Kawasaki.


I had to design and fabricate my own windshield mounts. I also had to cut the shield to fit, but neither of these tasks were that difficult. I even built in some tilt adjustment. The result has been a complete success. I can comfortably ride while listening to music, podcasts, and other programming.


Keep your options open. A little customization might be all you need to bring your new bike closer to ideal.





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