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R Nine T - Scrambler


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Not bad, but I think if I were in the market for a Scrambler type bike, it would be the Ducati. I haven't ridden one, but it sure looks good sitting still!

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I think it's a very good looking bike.

But I'd have absolutely no use for such "urban play bike". Which is too bad because I really do like the looks...


A funny little detail.

The "street version" R NineT has spoked wheels, and this scrambler version has cast wheels. Me thinks someone got that design spec backwards :dopeslap:

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Not my cup of "T" but certainly cool, and I hope BMW does well with them.


Some pics at the original link show spokes, while others show cast wheels. Perhaps this is an option.


Retro-styled cafe bikes... then scramblers... where will the trend-setters take us next?

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