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Any member have experience w/ late model Kia Sorento

John Ranalletta

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John Ranalletta

The 335d is in for the sixth time in 1.5 years for diesel issues. Last time, they had to involve the Fatherland to resolve (I think) the issue.


So, it's time for to say "Auf Wiedersehen" to the BMW while it's still 2k under warranty expiry.


We intend to put lots of miles on the next vehicle. Want comfort, reasonably good handling, some storage and ability to tow the GS.


The only sedan capable and rated to do so is the Chrysler 300 but the unreliability reports warn me away.


The Kia 10-year, 100k warranty and numerous dealers are attractive.





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We had a 2012 V6 awd for a little over a year. The downfalls were the OEM tires that came with it at the time they were terrible in the snow. (All season). The paint wouldn't tolerate bird droppings. My wife took it a clean car to work, the birds did their business on it during a flyby. That evening we washed it after work and the stains were on the vehicle till the day we sold it. We never were able to get the mileage that was on the sticker,

It came with a ton of options and was comfortable but it never really felt good after a year. The 4cyl was better on gas but engine noise was very prominent.

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A friend of ours had one. She eventually got the dealer to buy it back under the lemon law, due to electronic problems the dealer and the factory reps were unable to fix. But of course, anybody can make one lemon.


Also, hers was the prior model before the 2015 redesign. Consumer Reports says reliability is expected to be much better than average.

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