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Woohoo!! Finally picked up a Roadcrafter suit


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After patiently searching the interweb for a time, I came across this wonderful site that sells stuff cheap. I was actually searching specifically for either Aerostich or Roadcrafter and lo and behold, shopgoodwill.com came to the rescue many months ago. Alas, at that time, the one being auctioned was too large, then later, another, and another, until finally, a little over a week ago one came up in "about my size" so I bid. I won it shipped at $299. It arrived today and it is in like new condition.


Previously, I picked up a Rev'it jacket in lime green/yellow for $75 that was listed as new without tags and the jacket was new. I've gotten other things as well and it is hit and miss.


But I think my best score has to be the suit,...sweet.



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