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Chin Mount for GoPro on C3


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GoPro a chin bar mount. I do not like the ones on top at all. I made this my self to fit my C3, it works very good. It is on solid with Velcro. I took the idea from the one used for MX dirt bike helmets. The camera is light so no issues. I made my own leash from steel fishing leader. It loops onto just to the chin bar is all. The chin bar goes on so good it will not move. So if the GoPro ever pops off, the GoPro will not go far. This all works out very well for me. I'm new to all the GoPro stuff. I just got in more batteries for the GoPro, so I can get more shots. I hope this helps someone with are style of helmets. P.S. The best part was I had everything on hand in my garage to make this. So, cost me $0, just a little time was all. :wave:IMG_3333.JPG_zpsu8ufeild.jpgIMG_3335.JPG_zpsgeuce3an.jpgIMG_3337.JPG_zpscg9xtz7r.jpgIMG_3338.JPG_zpszacgjcrg.jpg

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I understand you wanting to make a mount yourself for your GoPro.


What I don't understand is mounting an aluminum bracket in front of your visor in a position that would allow it to enter the shield in the event of a crash. And potentially causing a fatal event. Totally unsafe.


To each his own.



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Is there not enough surface on your C3 to just mount the mount (for lack of better phrasing)?


I can see where with a MX helmet and the typical front vent it would be an issue, but your helmet looks like you could just stick the plate on there...

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It looked to be to much of a curve to the helmet. That is why I did this like the Proshot mount. Did not like the top or the side. This sets out of the air also. :grin:

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The clips/pics on the proshot website do look really good - I can see why people would want to mount there.


I did notice that their mounts look a bit more form fitting and less, in the pics, like they might hinge up and go into the face opening on the helmet... but of course it's hard to say what would happen in a crash (probably should just not crash!).



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