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I Remember.


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A friend of a friend lives in Townsville, about 1100Kms from here and I ended up going to check out an old 1995 R80 he's interested in buying.


It's brake rotors where below spec and the tyres where pretty old but it was pretty well original although a little weather beaten but what a blast from the past it was to ride.


I bought a new R65 in the late 80's and riding this thing brought back all those old memories.


Bing Carbies, giant flywheel, no cam chains or shafts, it just seems like a bike from a bygone era these days even though it's just a 1995 model, last of the airheads.


That familiar hum of the engine at 80-100Kms/Hr, but 50HP these days seems only just enough to keep up with traffic.


I was happy to get back on the R1200 but truly enjoyed the ride.




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