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Death valley dvd check in


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Hope you all had a great ride. As for Brenda and I we are still in. Beatty wait for the tow to Vegas. Bike started idled rough for about 10 seconds then quit. Started backup and idled fine for about a minute then stalled out. Gs911 doesn't show anything wrong. Wants to start but won't idle.gs911 shows the fuel pump on when trying to start. However the only thing I can see is the throttle position is 6.72 ... Can't find any info on spec. Tried tps reset to no avail. 2005 K1200lt.... At least we had a great time yesterday and will put it storage till I can get back down to take a better look. Thanks all!!!


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Bummer, Mike! Sorry we're all gone so we can't help.


I had the unusual experience of starting my trip home with my Gerbing gloves on (35 degrees at 7:00 AM in Beatty) and finishing it in mesh gloves (it was 80 degrees, according to a sign, when I went through Sun City on I-15). I made with only two stops: one for gas in Johannesburg, and one for lunch and to get rid of clothes in Perris. Home about 1:40 PM.

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Sorry to hear you had trouble Mike.

Elba and I pulled in about 2:45 pm. Then I took a nap...

Another fine weekend spent with great folks!

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Neighbor Scott (Harley) and I made it home to Havasu in fine form with a little stop at Boulder City for lunch. Thanks to Mr. Duck for all the fine fixings and the US NAVY for the great light show. Goldpoint was a cool new find: I propose a shuffleboard tournament for next year. Wonderful to see all the old faces and a few new ones, sure look forward to spring rides. Well done mates!

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Made it to our second home in Salida Colorado


Easy 800 miles


A few patches of ice going over Monarch Pass otherwise smooth sailing/riding

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Back on Monday after a jaunt to Kernville and a Mt. ride to Porterville and up to Visalia. Great to see all. Thanks for your efforts Don! Glad I made it.


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Real entertaining ride home! Got caught behind a large group of Harleys, one of them stood out in the road and stopped traffic at Stovepipe Wells so the parade could leave! We parked and waited for awhile, then group number two comes by, not quite as large, so waited a little longer......


The first group stopped on top of Towner pass, we rolled by and waved. However, we caught the smaller group on the downhill side headed into Panamint Valley. Couldn't believe what these guys did- 4 wide so the road was blocked, and going into corners like that! We had to pass these clowns almost on the line on the left side of the road, I went by close enough to reach over and slap this dude! WOW!!!


Then there was the mile and a half of gravel road heading towards Trona, but we can't have a weekend ride without a little off roading :thumbsup:


All in all, a good trip, no performance awards, didn't lose anybody, and sounds like everybody made it home safe.


Thanks, and we'll do this again next year! :thumbsup:



Don J :wave:

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Finally got home 4:30pm Tue. Waited out the rain on Mon. at Jason's and had a sunny ride home yesterday. Up the coast from Santa Cruz to SF and across the Golden Gate. Thanks to Mr. Duck for his efforts, Gold Point was fun.It was great to see everyone again and also the new faces. See you down the road.



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