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Death Valley 2015 Check-In


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In at 4 pm , had to check out of Beatty before the Sat night Dinner.... :mad:


Departed Beatty 0700. Headed up NV95, then NV266 Dyer to NV6 to CA120 to CA395...


Tioga Pass -nope

Sonora Pass -nope

Monitor Pass -nope

Ebbetts Pass -nope

Kit Carson Pass -yep


A few pucker moments, Ice! But truly worth every minute.


Thanks to Al the earplug man for getting me dialed in. Good seeing all of you again. And thanks Don.





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IN! Home by 2, such an epic weekend!


Goldpoint was great, did some hooning, saw UFO's, no LEO, good dinner and great company!


Thanks again


Don J

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Home at 1:30. Fossil Falls off the 395 is an ancient waterfall.It was a short hike that I didn't make. The road was paved for 100 yards then it was wash boardy dirt. Stopped at Indian Wells brewery. Got a couple of bottles and took them home. Nice to meet more folks on the forum.

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In at 3. Nice to meet Whip, Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Hanson to put faces to names. And it's always nice to do AFH and ACH at the end of the weekend especially with newly rolled asphalt.

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Hope you all had a great ride. As for Brenda and I we are still in. Beatty wait for the tow to Vegas. Bike started idled rough for about 10 seconds then quit. Started backup and idled fine for about a minute then stalled out. Gs911 doesn't show anything wrong. Wants to start but won't idle.gs911 shows the fuel pump on when trying to start. However the only thing I can see is the throttle position is 6.72 ... Can't find any info on spec. Tried tps reset to no avail. 2005 K1200lt.... At least we had a great time yesterday and will put it storage till I can get back down to take a better look. Thanks all!!!

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Home safe on Monday. Had heavy fog and/or rain most of the way from Paso Robles on 101. Another great Death Valley meet up. Thanks to Mr. Duck for putting it together.

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Back on Monday after a jaunt to Kernville and a Mt. ride to Porterville and up to Visalia. Great to see all. Thanks for your efforts Don! Glad I made it.


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In today at 4:15 pm Louisiana time.


I want to thank everyone that had anything at all to do with this DV thing. I had a great trip/ride and really enjoyed California, PCH, Big Sur, Nacimento Fergerson Road, 58.


Thanks Whip for leading and planning so I could just ride!

Thanks Bob, for the tour of DV. Enjoyed visiting with Chris Olson and learning how to fly a glider!


Total of 4416 miles on the KTM.

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I think I got home last week. Hey Frank, I didn't need the Escort...ran ten over, which translates to 85-89 a very large portion of the way. Only problem I encountered was after a 12 mile detour off the Interstate to get gas, I left the little town of Iraan (not a typo) after getting lost (population 1200) in the town, and got hit by a deputy. I saw him, and just pulled over and waited. He wheeled around and came on back, got out his car and I said "Well, that was stupid." He agreed, mainly because of all the deer running around, said he got me at 91 in a 70. Gave me a warning. Asked me to keep it under 75. I told him I'd try.


That is, by actual count, the tenth time in a row I've been stopped the last few years on my bike, with no ticket. Usually at a similarly excessive rate of travel.


I was glad when we split up with Whip on the way home; he never went over 82mph. I thought I might drop the bike.

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I made it home Sunday with ease.


This was the best one ever, due in large part to the absence of the Mayor of Beatty. stirthepot.gif


Ahhh EDDDDDDDDDD, I thought it was important for your last visit to Death Valley be as stress free as possible. I doubt the park rangers will let you in next year on a walker. I hope the park was as beautiful as the first time you saw it in 1897.

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That is, by actual count, the tenth time in a row I've been stopped the last few years on my bike, with no ticket. Usually at a similarly excessive rate of travel.


I'm at a loss for words. I guess I need L.E.O. encounter lessons.

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