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Isagenix Replenish - Gatoraide alternative

Mark Mayo

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I do not have anything financially or otherwise to do with this company!


I did receive a gift of twenty or so tubes of Isagenix Replenish crystals at the end of a summer fishing trip that when mixed with a bottle of water yields an electrolyte drink. In the past I brought along several small bottles of Gatoraide during long summer rides to replace electrolytes and water during a hot ride. This year I used the Isagenix with water and found it as good or better than Gatoraide with far less storage requirements compared to bottles of Gatoraide. I used a few water bottles and bought more at gas stations on the longish 3500 mile ride from San Diego to Canada. On the way back it was quite hot with my dash showing 105.7 at times. Each package is about the size of a Slim Jim and ten of them easily fit in some extra space in my top case. I'm sold. The cost between $1-$2 per package when purchased in a box of 24. I have tried grape and orange and they are ok but not fantastic in the taste department. They also have a lemon lime. I guess they are like Gatoraide in taste, but add more IMO.

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