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church, guns and pizza cartography


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I couldn't help but observe someone who "happened" across the floating sheep site also quotes Red Green (one of my favourite quotes). :thumbsup:


I found the prevalence of gun data between our two countries quite interesting. The specific topic in these tweets re: guns is of course undetermined/undisclosed (big brother is watching?). Case in point - presently there's a lot of commotion in my province over the extension of the controversial spring bear hunt. Generally, in my opinion, when guns are mentioned it is assumed to be associated with crime. I'm guessing the specific conversations in your rural states parallel ours i.e. predominately hunting related. I'm also willing to bet that a predominance of tweets re: guns North of the border are about the prevalence of trying to understand the gun culture South of the border.


As for churches, again of late, topics seem to be related to the avalanche of closings of churches and what uses the empty buildings are converted to. Pizza - does this include homemade? ;)


But then again...(insert Red Green quote here :rofl:)

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Interesting observations Rocer. I like that thought of gun references in the north being related to trying to figure out the gun culture in the south. :-)


It seems clear that the maps need to be adjusted to a per capita basis.


I was surprised at the "geography of hate" map. There's a distinct lack of hate in Southern California and Southern Florida. But on that same note, what the hell is going on in The Dalles? (East of Portland Oregon)

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