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modifying rtp radio box


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I have a 2003 rtp and find the radio box a bit tiny. I was thinking of taking the lid off and cutting it just above the lip and fiberglass fabing a taller lid. The thought I have is to cut the top lid carefully and just adding in a section to make it taller then putting the top that was cut off back on. Then fiberglass it and sand/fill/repaint to match the original.

Has anyone done this? I know it will be a bit harder to get on the bike, but think it might be worth it. I am gonna get larger lids for the city cases this holiday season. I thought I might even put a backrest on the front of the case for back support - easy to do and have the fabric already left over from a seat I just did. Was thinking that I could put a cable putt for the seat release pull to the back end of the case to make it easier to remove seat.

Thoughts or concerns that you guys see doing this? I might buy a second rtp radio lid from a part out to be able to return it to smaller as needed. I already removed the police crash bars off front and rear as they were buggered up by the police pretty bad.

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Just find the used pieces to convert it to 2-up seating and abandon the police radio trunk... You can usually find the parts necessary to do the conversion on ebay at a good price if you are patient... Then you can use any size top box that you want to mount... Just my $0.02


P.S. When I converted mine to 2-up seating, the total parts cost was about $250-300... it will probably be a bit more now. Of course if you want to buy all new parts from BMW, be prepared to spend about $1K !!

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