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I was recently stranded in the Luckenbach Tx area with a rear tire showing the cords. I was unable to find anyone who had an 18 tire for the rear of my '95 R1100RSL. All of the later bikes have 17 in rear wheels.

I also have a 2005 K1200LT. This bike has a 17" rear wheel. Both bikes have similar single sided swing arms. The difference appears to be the R1100RSL has a 4.5 X 18 and The K1200LT has a 5 X 17.

My question is if I use a thicker spacer on the wheel between wheel and rear drive, approximately 1/4 inch what issues am I facing?

Has anyone done something similar? Is there a 17 wheel that will just bolt on?

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Evening BIGTEX


The K1200LT or K1200RS rear wheels are a basic bolt-on for the 1100RT but I'm not sure on the 1100RS (should be but I haven't ever tried). The 5" should fit but the 5.5" probably/might not fit without spacing.


On your 1100RS make sure the wheel clears the caliper properly.(should just be mindful)


Just be sure you use the correct length wheel bolts.



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