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RPT Second Battery


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Hi Guys, I removed the second battery from this RTP over a year ago. I pulled a relay that was in there, tapped up the power cables and now use the space for a tool kit and a tyre repair kit.


I have one of those chinese gps units that I used mainly as an ipod but don't want to go to the trouble of making a mount to put it on this R1200.


I want to wire in a usb supply in that glovebox and use my iPhone to bluetooth music to my cardio headset.


Does anyone know if I need to put the relay back in. I'd prefer to only supply power to the usb adapter when the bike is on.


I'm guessing yes. I can't pull it apart just now, it's going in for a new fuel pump and fuel strip on Friday and I can't remember.


I want to get it done when it comes back but will need to find the relay :)

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sorry I can't help with the RTP wiring as I've no experience with that model. But, FWIW, I wired in a cheap USB socket from Ebay (like this)a year or two ago. It's wired direct to the battery. Testing with three different meters showed no current flow unless something was actually charging from the adapter, and I've left the bike for 3-4 weeks at a time with no indication that the battery was being run down. Unless you are leaving the ipod on the bike all the time, switched power need not be a concern.




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Afternoon Robin


Not all the RT-P's are the same but if that relay you are referring to is the 2nd battery charging relay then plugging that back in should power up the battery cables to the 2nd battery area with the engine running.


Problem is-- the charging to the that 2nd battery comes DIRECTLY from the alternator so with no battery to smooth out & store the power you will probably have a LOT of RFI coming in on that circuit.


You might be better off trying to run your device from the blue wire that goes to that relay (not a lot of power available there but should be enough to run a small GPS). If you do try the blue wire do not re-install the relay.

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Cheers guys, that's looking like a plan. I already have the usb adapter and if I can pull enough power from relay trigger wire to keep the Phone topped up, it'll all work fine. And I won't need to go scratching around for that relay, it could be anywhere :)

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I installed a connector to charge my Android phone while it's in the glove box,

I tapped into the GPS cable of my RT. The cable supplies 12V and my Zumo 350 and my phone require only 5V each.


Works very well

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I doubt a cop bike has a GPS cable. It took a while to get around to this but I got it sorted. Of course it's as hot as the sun this week, 93F and 90% humidity today. It's beer O'Clock .....


The relay had to be in the socket or there where no volts on the trigger cable. I did find the relay eventually so it's all good.

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