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Crank pulley/rotor


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Started taking the bike apart to get the HES sent in for a rebuild and have a question. Are the crank pulley and rotor behind is supposed to be one piece or are they separate? Only asking because when I took the pulley off the rotor stayed attached to the end of the crank.

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Morning djbock


Service manual says to re-glue the timing cup to the pulley (mainly for re-assembly ease & correct re-assembly confirmation).


Black-Max super glue works good (or about any polymer reinforced super glue)

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In case they come apart, when putting them back together, I hand tighten the screw on the crankshaft until close to full tighten. Then I try to rotate, by hand, the pulley, until I can feel that the locating pin is where it should be. Then I fully tighten the bolt.



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