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Re: Buddy crashed today


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One of my riding buddies had the proverbial left turn cage crash today. He hit at about 30mph. He is ok but sore. A couple of things though.


He was riding home his 2016 Ultra Classic Limited. It had a whopping 60 miles on it. He had just been at the dealer transferring accessories from his trade in to his new bike.


I just convinced him not too long ago to start wearing a helmet. He went full face helmet which he says today probably saved his life and at a minimum saved his face.


Cage driver 77.


As he laid on the pavement she came over and wanted to remove his helmet and roll him off his side to his back. He had to tell her no wait for paramedic.


Keep and eye out for those lefties. Ride safe and wear your lid.

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I'm so glad your buddy survived. So glad he was wearing a helmet.


That seems to be a problem for the majority of the Detroit Metro Harley riders I see every day. :(


Maybe when he heals up he can post his experience on the wall at his dealership so that others can learn and stay alive.



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I am thrilled for your friend and for you that he will be fine. It will take him a bit to get back on a bike, there comes with that type of crash some interesting mental hesitancy. It is to be expected, but he will probably get back on two wheels.


This is (I believe) the third such incident I have heard of recently all with different results. A friend, a guy who worked on my bike, was traveling a couple of weeks ago and the story goes a elderly woman blew through a stop sign right in front of him. He did not make it.


So again, be careful of intersections, they are the most dangerous places for bikes. Be safe out there and try to remember these lessons if you take a winter break from riding.

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