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Double Diamond Interchange, I-75 Exit 213


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For those uncertain, this is in Sarasota, FL.

I recall the discussions concerning this new style of surface road treatment at busy intersections from a year or so ago. I had commented that there was discussions concerning adding one in my backyard but that they wouldn't conclude until 2017.

I was wrong. Concluded and under construction, to be finished by fall of 2016.

For any of you snowbirds coming through, be aware of lane closures on I-75, possible exit ramp closures and, of course, tons of work on University Parkway.

And since this area is a complete cluster firetruck under the best circumstances because of three major shopping centers & a new mall 1 short block west of the interchange and the "normal" traffic into and out of the Lakewood Ranch area passing under the slab to/from the east side, you'll see why it is needed.

Thought you all might want to know. Updates as events warrant. Ride safe.

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Construction is sure to be a hassle, but that type of interchange really does work well. We've a couple near here. It's a bit freaky the first time you go through, but traffic does flow much smoother.

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Well, it figures that just after I finally posted this I found out that construction is slated to run through Fall 2017, not 2016. We are hosting the World Rowing Championships in Fall of 2017 at the facility right off that exit. The work is supposed to be complete prior to the event. Sorry for the wrong date.

Personally looking forward to the improvement, I hate driving through there now.

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They finished the one near us last weekend (Rt 36 near Boulder CO). I haven't been on it yet but it is getting good reviews from the locals. The construction period was NOT fun for a very busy location.

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