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R1100RT engine just stops running


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I'm trying to assist a friend with a 1996 R1100RT, 70k miles. His engine just randomly quits running. This happens while riding the bike, throttle open - not WOT - just steady pace. Usually he can restart the bike and continue.


He has reset valve clearances, cleaned the BBS passages and the screws. His idle was too low and I had him set it to 1100 rpm. When he stalled and couldn't restart, I suggested he replace the HES which was still original, so that has also been done.


When the engine dies it seems more like the pump or injectors have stopped running. It doesn't seem like running out of fuel.


The only other issue is he says one of the throttle bodies doesn't seem to effect idle when he adjusts the BBS on that side. I haven't put my hands on the bike so I can only report what he's told me.


Familiar problem? Troubleshooting ideas?

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Morning Michaelr11


Just not enough base info to make any educated guesses. (lots of things can cause stalls)


So start with the engine RPM that it stalls at most of the time?


How long it's been running from cold at first stall?


What gear is it usually in at stall?


What is he doing with the bike JUST before stall?


What is the short term & long term history of the bike & what maintenance was done to the bike just before the stalling appeared?


If I were personally looking for the problem with no background info I would rig up a 12v test light to the handlebars or dash then ground one leg of the test light & hook the other to-- 12v fuel injector power wire_ then to coil 12v power wire_ then to fuel pump power wire --riding the bike until stall after every hookup.


If nothing showed on the test light vs stall then I would rig up a fuel pump pressure gauge or a clear piece of fuel hose in the fuel return line & ride to stall seeing if the fuel pump stopped producing pressure or stopped producing flow at engine stall.

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Here's a link to a thread I started on that same topic. Might be the same problem. Not sure what the answer is, but it has kinda stopped doing that. Once a week, once every other week instead of once every day.



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