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Not another oil thread


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But a sight glass question regarding my 07 RT. I’ve heard the adage about the visible oil in the sight glass, “If it shows, it goes.” How accurate is that? I ALWAYS check the sight glass before starting the bike. On three different days, the level will be at ½ of the glass, the next barely visible and the third day at ¾. The bike is parked in the same place/position in the garage every day.


On start up, I see the checkmark next to the Oil function and the salesman said that doesn’t mean to check the oil, it means the oil level is ok. On one of the days where the visible oil level is low, just how much should I trust the computer checking the oil level verses the amount of visible oil in the glass? I don’t want to add oil if I don’t need to. I also don’t want to be on the side of the road with a smoked piston.



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Afternoon David


Checking the oil level on a cold engine is not the suggested way to get an accurate oil level. It's a good quick check before riding to verify you see SOME oil in the sight glass though.


If you want accuracy then check the oil level on a hot engine per your riders manual.


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If I remember correctly the checkmark stays there until the engine needs 250cc of oil.


If you regularly check your oil after a ride, the oil glass is all you'll ever need.

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The recommended method is to check the sight glass after the engine is at operating temperature, a couple of minutes after shutting down, bike on the center stand. The first time I did that I was amazed at the differences between cold, warm, and warm/settled.



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