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Light Mounting Options for 2015 R1200RT


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Just picked up a 2015 R1200RT this summer and I'm looking for info on available options for aux light mounts on this bike.


I already own a set of Baja Design Squadron LEDs that came off of my last RT (a 2011 that was totaled last spring). on that bike, I had the lights mounted under the mirrors using the radar gun mounts from the RTP. It was a nice sturdy solution that served me well.


I realize there already factory mounting point for the BMW aux lights but I don't really love that location. I'm hoping to find something similar to what I had on the last bike.


Is anyone aware of the part numbers (if they are available) for mounts from the new RTP that would attach to the civilian model either under or above the mirrors. An aftermarket solution for those same mounting positions would be acceptable also.


I tried searching the 'Related' thread but didn't see anything that looked like what I was searching for.


Thanks in advance...

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I had the same issue, and wound up buying Wunderlich's high guards as a mounting perch. (They are pretty useless for actual protection, FYI....)




The upside is it allows mounting right under the mirrors so as not to attract the law.


The prior Hexhead RT had FAR preferable mounting options from all the major manufacturers. I guess they haven't caught up yet on the new model.



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