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2007 R1200S


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Hello everybody!


I am new to this site, as well new-to-be boxer owner.

Am in my late 50's, and have always liked the legendary

BMW R's. For many reasons, financial being one of them,

never owned one. Now has come the time to make my wish

come true. New one is out of question, since they are

way overpriced. Recently have found a really good looking

R1200S with only 8000 miles. I only seen the pictures, and

already like it. Is there anything in particular that i

should look for? At 8000 miles am even surprised it doesn't

have original tires. It has some well worn Michelin's. The seller

already bought a new set of Continental 190/50 ZR 17 mc(73w) and 120/70.

The tires are not installed yet, so i wonder if i should use them or trade them in?

Any thoughts about them tires? I currently have a Triumph and Michelin Pilot Road 4,

which i like very much. Other than that, i prefer Pirelli's.

Am going to see the bike soon and any comments are highly appreciated!

Thanks You!


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For what i know, is a R1200S Under seat muffler, if that has been a difference between the two.

Has half fairing. I just looked at a 2005 ST and it had full fairing.

And the comments are? Anything i should look for?

I have a Triumph ST. If one goes to buy one, i can tell what to look for,

what the flaws are! That is what i am looking for here!

Any help greatly appreciated!

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I have a RT, that uses a very similar motor as the "S" does.

There are no services due at 8000 miles, especially if the previous owner had the 6000 mile service done.

But there are some recommended annual services due, regardless of the mileage, like brake fluid flush, etc.

I would change all fluids in the motor, transmission and rear drive, as some of them are maybe as old as 8 years.

As for tires and 2 sets of tires in 8000 miles sounds about right for a sport bike, I sometimes only get 5000 miles out of a set of tires on the RT. As for the Conti tires, no idea, they are probably good tires and it will be difficult to trade them against another brand, with out losing all its value.

The bike needs to be ridden. :)

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Bernie, thanks for your input!

If i get the bike, even the air in the hoses will be changed!

A short comment about tires: At beginning of this year i have installed new

Michelin Pilot Road 4. Put on over 12000 km, and they look still good. For

what i see in the picture, the tires are Michelin. Either way, bike looks fine to me.

I just asked if there is anything i should look for as a problem with R1200S. Tires show

riding habits. They not necessarily destroy a bike. I was young, and loved to burn tires

just to show off. I realized was a expensive show off! Even then, changed oil, lubed chain,

new air filter every year and best gas there was. And yes, new tires!!


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I am a little concerned about your comments.


I had an R1100S and I loved it, but it would be good for you to know what you are getting into with an "S" bike. ( By-the-way, the following is just my personal opinion, but of course when it comes to motorcycles your personal belief is what matters.)


The "S" bikes from BMW were spectactular. I really loved mine and enjoyed it for years but it was always the second bike in the stable. The primary ride was always the RT.


The key for your longer term happy ownership is to understand- for yourself- what you want in a bike.


If you want a Touring bike the "S" bike will possibly leave you wanting a little more. Face it... this is a Sport bike. This means it is designed for shorter rides with a sporting set-up and seating position and with higher performance... traded-off with less comfort. The higher-performance is attained by being much lighter.


If that is what you want the R1200S is a magnificent bike. I am not saying it cannot be a touring bike. It does not come with hard bags but soft bags can be fitted. The rider's position is designed to be focussed on performance not comfort... this means more lean forward and more of your weight supported by your hands on the grips.... although I know people who tour on them.


You will not find much weather protection, the windshield does not adjust, the pegs are higher and there is no room for an entertainment option- like radio, GPS etc. The bike's handlebar mount system may have the grips really low so that you lean angle is greater, whoever some owners have repositioned the bars/grip above the top of the triple-tree. There are also devices to raise the grips some with some additional adjustability- by the purchase of Rapid Dog's Bar Backs. (I did not say this was a trivial thing- they work but they are a bit "speedy". I had them and found them essential because I did not want to have that forward lean all the time.


Note: The S bikes also were available in three different configurations.... the Standard, the Boxer-Cup replica bikes and the full-out racing inspired, lighter Boxer Cup bikes (not the BC Replicas..s) but I do not think the 1200's came in "BCR" trim.


The handle bars will put you in a lower more aggressive posture. You do not mention your size and other things about your ... ummm... conformation. If you are large, it may not be all that comfortable and there is not much you can do about it.


Personally, I am a short and thin person and I found the bike was instantly comfortable- for me- for blasting a few mountain passes and curvey roads. On longer rides it was not all that comfy but then again that was not what the designers had in mind.


This is a hot-rod. If you plan to ride two-up your passenger will not be all that happy. If you plan to take "touring" rides.... say multiple, all-day rides for long distances, then you might want to look for RT's or ST's of the same vintage. the R1200ST models are configured slightly more toward the combination of Sport and Touring and less of pure Sport.


I also recommend you spend a bit of time over at... http://forums.pelicanparts.com/bmw-r1100s-r1200s-tech-forum/ to get an idea of the S-bike culture.


That is the place for S-bike people. Yes the engines are basically the same but everything else- except the BMW "personality" is different.

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I am a little concerned about your comments.


I very much appreciate you input, HOPZ!!

Am not sure which of my comments are you referring to?

As for riding position. i prefer the slightly lean forward.

I just can't see my self riding in the "sit and beg" position

that the RT offers. It is just my own preference! Nothing wrong with whoever likes it!

As for my stats, besides being almost 57 , am 5'9" and more than

200 lbs. Am certainly not new to motorcycles. Never been into cafe racers,

sport touring was what i always liked. Currently own a Triumph Sprint ST.(much like the R1200S!)

Have put on over 13000 km on it this year. On my recent trip to Cape Breton

(Nova Scotia) have put on 5550 km in 8 days. So the riding position is fine with me!

And another thing: am happy with the Triumph, and it is a keeper. The thing is, always liked the boxers,

back since i was just a kid. And the time has come for me to get one, before my time runs out!

That is why am looking for a beemer!

Thanks again,




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I was trying to be helpful since I have experience with both Triumphs and the "S" model BMW's.


FWIW, you mention you are not into cafe racers.... the S model BMWs are going to be more boy-racer/cafe racer configurations than your ST, unless you do some re-configurations which can be difficult and expensive.


Your actual mileage may vary.... the offer still stands to discuss this off-forum if you wish.




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Hi hopz!


I just come back from seeing and test riding the S.

The bike is mint, and is a good buy! For whoever wants a cafe racer!Is not for an old fart like me. And if that is what I

want, i would get a GSXR.

And yes, we can talk off-forum whenever you have the time!

Thanks again,

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