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Marc Parnes = stellar customer service


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I recently ordered a couple of the Parnes wheel balancers for our two bikes. While filling the order Marc realized that we forgot to order some of the adapters. So what's he do? This crazy guy just tosses them in for free!




Nice to see such stellar customer service! I think I'll go ahead and send him some cash anyway, just for being such a stand-up guy.



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I talked with him before buying mine and he assured that it would work on all the bikes currently in the stable - plus adapters available for future needs.


Fantastic product too. I actually think it's kind of fun to balance the wheels.


I'll add a "plug" for the Mojo Levers and Mojo Blocks that make the Harbor Freight motorcycle tire changer useful. I'm not sure the guy's name, I think Mitch something - similar to Marc, good, solid guy with a great product.


Just took a front tire off a rim today in about 5 minutes. So easy.

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