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Hi all. Mike here. I just picked up a 1997 r1100rt that's been sitting about 3 years. She runs a little rough, and has a few odds and ends to sort out. Currently I ride a 99 Honda ST1100, so it will be interesting to me to have a chance to compare the two. I've been riding for a long time and quite a few different bikes have been through the stable. Looking forward to the experience of getting the bike back on the road! Thanks for the help in advance.

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Welcome and sounds like a fun project. Probably good idea to change fluids (drive, tranny, engine oil, clutch, brakes), change filters (oil and air), and thoroughly inspect/clean/lube (front axle, all three brake calipers, etc.).


How old is the gas? Maybe siphon that out and run a fresh tank of premium fuel with a fuel system cleaner, such as Seafoam, CRC, etc. How old is the battery?


Give yourself a nice fresh start with all the basic maintenance. Maybe check all the cables too - make sure they're in good shape.


Download a shop manual.


There - I got your weekend planned for you... there should still be time for a Sunday afternoon ride. :-)

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Fill out your location and perhaps, if you need or want some help, there is a member nearby.


Enjoy the RT.


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+1 on sea foam. On something like that, ignore the directions and pour the whole can in a new fresh tank and go use it up. If it is a fuel problem that will more than likely fix it and all you have to do is ride.

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