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RT-P topcase or 'smugglers' case


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I am looking for where I can get the topcase that is standard or often seen on the RT-P bikes. I have a 2006, and recently became a single rider, so I would like to add the more streamlined case as I don't need the giant make-up bag any more.





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Guest Kakugo

You mean something like this?


This is from an earlier RT police bike (I think an R1100RT-P) but if you keep an eye on ebay.de there are often breakers offering parts from Hexhead/Camhead police bikes.

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I've got one I'd happily take off and trade (along with the one-up parts such as seat back and things) if I had a regular top trunk and rear seat.


Mine's an 08 RT-P


where you located?

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I need to keep my top case and seat...just in case I find a new S.O. to fit on there from time to time.


I'm in Germany, so it might be a bit tough to take a look at it too. Do, you know where I can get one? I know I live in Germany, but the dealers are pretty tight about selling them.

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I've not looked into it on the 1200 series, but on the 1150 and 1100 series you can't just readily swap back and forth between the police box and the seat/rear cowl. You have to change some plastics and at least part of the subframe...someone smarter will come tell you if I'm full of poo as far as this process on your bike.


Corbin sells a Smuggler trunk that you can swap back and forth with the stock pillion seat, but it's something like $900!




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Thanks. I looked at Corbin, even bought the half ton park bench seats from them once...waste of money. The case they have is nice, but in typical Corbin fasion, way to much for way to little.


With the 1200's, I think it's a direct replacement for the rear seat, but I'm not sure.



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Your best bet is probably to research breakers yards in Germany or nearby. Crashed police bikes (or other Authority bikes) are usually sent to these places rather than being repaired after a significant crunch - that is how I got some parts for mine - and keep an eye on eBay, there was recently some stuff from an RTP


Even if you elect to keep your existing panniers there is a fair amount of bracketry etc to install before the radio box and it's ss groundplane/base is mounted. For instance the bowden cable for the box's latch will also have to be considered along with the two upholstered cheeks behind the seat


If you currently have ESA then you will have to look carefully at the space available for the electric motor as I'm not sure if there would be room for it with the box fitted

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