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Tire wear (again)


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Hi all,

I bought an 02 R1150RT in June with 98k on it and have put almost 3000 wonderful miles on it. Before each ride I check the tires and so far there has hardly been any wear on them (Michelin) and it looked like they were even. Last ride was over 300 miles in intense crosswinds (30mph) and when I parked it that night I noticed that the front tire had lost almost all its tread on the left side, the rear is as even as before. I remember the last thread about uneven tire wear but I am still baffled that the tire (that I thought would last me for quite some time) turned unusable within one Sunday ride.

Love the bike, super reliable and fun.

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Evening Duncan


It is very difficult to believe that you went from a tire with hardly any wear to unusable in just 300 miles.


My guess is that most of L/H side wear was already there just not noticed in previous checks. Even a partially worn tire can look good a quick glance.


Unless the rubber is really scrubbed up & obviously abused looking then I just don't see how you could wear it out in just 300 miles.



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Ha, I had an old airhead and once I rode in a strong crosswind that wore my tires in the way you described. I was pretty shocked too!

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Afternoon Duncan1


Well it probably didn't help the tire wear but somehow I doubt you rode that bike 300 miles with it leaned over that far to the left.


Pretty easy to tell what wore your tire where it is worn at--


Get a couple of friends to help lean the bike over to the left until the center of the worn area is flat on the pavement.


That tells you where the bike (had to be) leaning when the tire was wearing on L/H side.


Now just figure out what you were doing or where you were riding with the bike leaned at that angle (bet it's L/H turns & L/H curves)


No if you were riding the bike that far leaned over on that windy day then that did contribute to your L/H wear.


Thing to remember is-- on a single track vehicle (ie motorcycle) the tire can only wear in a certain area when that area of the tire is on (touching) the ground.


Lean the bike over until the worn area of the tire is on the ground--That will tell the story.

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