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Help with ABS Flush - R1150R


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Hi guys

While attempting to flush the front control circuit on my ABS on the 2004 R1150R I made a mistake and I started the flush on the one that is supposed to be the last one. Now I have no lever resistance at all

Do you know how I can fix this?

Thank you

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Afternoon VoipWizard


No matter where you start or what order you used that shouldn't effect the lever resistance.


It sounds like you ran something out of fluid (is your handlebar reservoir still full????)


If it is full then did you remove the rubber diagram from the reservoir (fluid isn't on TOP of the diagram is it???)


If the handlebar reservoir is full then it sort of sounds like the little hole in the reservoir bottom is blocked with crud & not allowing fluid into the piston area. (remove fluid & clean hole with a small SOFT wire)

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Hi DR Thanks for responding so quick.


Frustrated, left the bike for lunch and when I came back the lever got the stiffness back. What I did was to remove the old fluid using a turkey basket and replaced it with new one. Some air may have entered, but it feel that ti was stuck instead of pumping empty. Now I'm quadrupling checking what I'm doing.

Found your posts about bleeding only the tall ones (what it will be the last ones on the 3 bleeding sequence) and that is what i'm doing with the rear one.


Got speed bleeders and I will be installing them as well.


On another note, when removing the ABS connector something that looked like insulating tape was attached to the main harness and I thought that had to be removed. In my infinite wisdom tried to snip it and I hear the characteristic cable cut noise... yeah the reservoir level sensor cables that come to the abs harness... I'm about to repair it before continuing... jeez... what a day...

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