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Guess what make this is!


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My first modified bike, many, many years ago.

Am sure some will recognize it, but i thought

would be fun to post it!


P>S> The turn signal lenses are from the VW bug!

Rest is home made!

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Right on, Ron! Frame, engine, suspension and wheels are Jawa 350 1958. Rest is from various other bikes or home made. Mode made in

1978. Where do i send the coffee and donuts?? :thumbsup:

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Albert, I used to race a 250 Jawa CZ in amateur MX events in the early 70s. I was fairly confident, but not totally sure of my guess. There were a few other eastern European bikes back then, I seem to recall, that resembled the Jawa.


Was it a twin, or one of the twin-pipe singles? Also, what's the deal with that huge overhanging head? Maybe off a later bike that had the enlarged fins?

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The history of Jawa is interesting. It has roots in Germany, where

the "wa" comes from, a bike named Wanderer. The "Ja" comes from the

name of the founder, Janek. (and i thought had something to do with the

Jawa volcano or island ) The bikes were solid, and cheap to manufacture.

Back to the bike, it was a twin 350 Jawa. The overhanging heads are from a

1975 250 CZ twin. Yes, a later model, that fit just fine. The tank was from a

125cc Danubia (hungarian made) and had 20L. Original Jawa was 13 L if i remember right.

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